Digital and Data Strategy Advisory

Under our Digital and Data Strategy Advisory practice, we advise clients on how to digitise their businesses - whether it's setting up an online presence or offering of their products or service for the wider online public, mobilise their services/offerings/products all the way through full project management of such projects on a turnkey basis. 

AdTech Integration Service

With digitisation, use of Technology and Tools is inevitable. This is why we've crafted the AdTech Integration Service where our experience technology consultants help you plan, build and implement robust tracking, ad serving and analytics platforms for your website or app.

Media Planning Advisory

Media Planning advisory is one of core practice areas where we advise our clients on the efficient use of the media budgets online and offline. We help them build measurement frameworks to enable their overall business see how and why certain media investment decision were made and the controls in place to ensure there is accountability all the way. We put accountability at the heart of this practice as we treat our clients budgets as our own.

Project Management Consulting

We offer Project Management services based on standard methodologies like PMI or SCRUM, while still keeping in mind that a pragmatic approach is the best way to stick to the customer’s needs and characteristics.

Professional Training and Support Services

Building capability is one of our practices that we see growing at a much faster rate in the next 3 years. Primarily due to the lack of experienced human capital in the digital space we want to preach what we practice. See what we did there :) ?


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